10 Tips on Making Your House Secure

10 Tips on Making Your House Secure

Every family wants a more secure home. Every family deserves one as well. Here is a list of tips to make your house more secure. This list will include safety products you can install with tools and little things that only require a brain to install. Sit back, relax and may the safeness be with you.


1. Quality Lock-set: We usually don’t think about updating our lock-set. By updating your lockset and buying a quality, one will not only ward off intruders but will make your home more sleek and elegant.

2. Deadbolts: Deadbolts keep you safe from inside your home.

3. Peepholes: Installing a peephole will ensure you always know who’s at the door every time.

4. Keyed Sash Locks: Keyed Sash Locks are sure to delay and hopefully keep thieves from getting in. They replace your old window and patio door latches for a better window and patio door lock.

5. Low Voltage Lights: Installing low voltage lights to the exterior of your home will help illuminate your yard and potentially ward off unwanted visitors.

6. Security Cameras: Security cameras allow you to be able to see what’s going on around your home when you aren’t home or even when you’re just inside enjoying your favorite show and don’t want to be bothered to check what that strange noise was outside…..we’ve all been there.

7. Home Security System: Studies show that installing a home alarm can deter up to 90% of burglars. They will avoid your home and move on to a much easier targets. Source


1. Locking all doors and windows: This seems obvious, but most of us don’t lock up when we leave or before we go to sleep.

2. The illusion is essential: Creating the illusion that nobody is home when there isn’t is going to keep intruders far away. Keep the TV on, or keep your lights on in one room.

3. Network with your neighbors: Talking to your friends will help you get a better grasp of your neighborhood, but they can call the police if they notice something strange in your home. And maybe you’ll make a new friend as well, you never know.

Home Security Tips to Protect Your Family

Home Security Tips to Protect Your Family

With crime increasing these days, people are looking for ways to protect their valuables in their home. There are many different options that are available to the general public. Some of these options you have to pay for, while some of simple things that you can do. Here is some home security tips to help keep your home more secure and to protect your valuables.

There are many different devices to consider, but a good starting point is a motion sensor light outside your residence. Installing one of these works on the premise, when it senses movement your home will be flooded with lights. This will scare away any intruder as they do not like all the attention they will be getting.

Consider buying a safe and having it properly installed. This way you can hide your valuables, just in case you do have a break-in while you are away on vacation or other social functions. Just make sure that the safe cannot be removed from your residence. Floor safes are a much better idea than a wall option.

The Neighborhood Watch Program is something that you will want to become a part of. This program works on the premise while you are gone someone watches your residence, and in return you watch others when they happen to be away. This program also has free seminars on safety as well that you may be able to take advantage of as well.

Without a doubt video security equipment is one of the hottest tools to protect your home. These cameras have zoom lenses and give great detail as they protect your residence. The biggest advantage is these are always recording and can give law enforcement another tool in case of a break-in. Using these cameras is something that you should consider especially if you travel a lot.

Alarm systems should also be employed as well. Hire a professional to install them. Most security alarm companies will notify police when it goes off. This will increase the chance that you can thwart any type of a break-in and losing your valuables. Home security is something more and more people are paying close to attention these days. The following tips above will help you protect any valuables from thieves. Use them all of just a few of them, but all have been proven to deter crime.

It might sound a heap of sophisticated than a military exercise, but remember that you’ll begin your preparations well in advance of going away. Bear in mind, it will all be price it when you see your property retreat in your rear view mirror, secure within the information that you’ve got done everything in your power to safeguard your home and belongings from criminal attack.